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The UV Index is how we measure the sunburn-producing UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun at any specific location and or time of day. The lower the number, the lower the danger; the higher the number, the stronger the harmful rays of the sun.

It’s a great way to help avoid overexposure to the sun.

UV Index Exposure Estimated Sunburn Time (*can vary by skin type)
0-2 Low More than an hour
3-5 Medium 30-45 minutes
6-7 High About 30 minutes
8-10 Very High About 20 minutes
11+ Extreme Less than 10 minutes

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With a little information from you, Ocean Potion® sunscreen can help you determine the right “Potion” for you. Keep in mind that it’s not just the direct sun you need to think about, but UV rays are also reflected off the sand and water.

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