On our beach, life is uncomplicated and stress-free; where you’re welcome to have fun in the sun without worry.

We enrich Ocean Potion® products with sea plant extracts, antioxidants and a fragrance that makes our sunscreen the Scent of Sunshine®. With formulas that are sheer & non-greasy, enriched with skin-loving, nourishing ingredients, and enhanced with our familiar refreshing fragrance, you can be beach-ready at the drop of a floppy hat.

Whether it’s pre-sun, after the beach or just to get your glow on, we have you covered!

Discover Ocean Potion®

A day at the beach can be anything but if you don’t have the right sunscreen. But we get it, you’re not sure what you need. No worries, we can help! All we need is a bit of info – are you fair haired or a ginger? You need a little stronger SPF. A brunette beauty planning to spend the whole day in the sand and surf? We’ve got you covered!